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Volumetric light letters are a bright, well-marked sign and are perfect for the exterior design of shops, restaurants, hairdressers, cinemas.

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The first billboard was created in America in 1900. Since then, outdoor advertising has been actively developing and has undergone many changes. Today, the scope of goods and services can not be imagined without outdoor advertising. For many potential consumers, it is the main guideline in finding and choosing a product. And therefore it is very important that banners, extensions, signs look convincing, attractive and feature high quality. Where it is better to order them and what price for manufacturing can be considered reasonable? Let’s figure it out. With the famous for used scrap metals the deals are perfect now.

Advertising banners and streamers in outdoor advertising

Banner is one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising. It is a rectangular canvas, which has an advertising and informational character. The banner can be fixed on the shield near the road, then it will be called a billboard. Most often billboards are installed in close proximity to the advertised object. Huge-sized banners that cover part or the building’s entire wall are called firewalls. Another effective means of outdoor advertising are stretch marks – narrow horizontal canvases located above the roadway, across streets or malls.

All of the above media advertising is designed for visual perception, should attract attention and encourage action – the purchase of a product or service. There are a number of techniques that allow you to achieve this effect. For example, the information content should be combined with readability and conciseness – a passerby’s view will linger on the signboard for just one second, but he must have time to understand what he is offered and why he needs it. Compare these posts:

As we see, the fewer words and the more intelligently they are placed, the easier it is to perceive the text. The same applies to images. They should not be much, the picture is needed bright and catchy. In addition, the letters must be readable and clearly visible.

Banner is the most popular form of outdoor advertising. Stretch marks are less popular, but they are indispensable if necessary in a short time to notify a large number of people about the upcoming event: opening a store, a concert, a sale. Please note that stretch marks are bilateral, it increases their effectiveness by 30%. Find the very best options with the reputable signage company in singapore now.

Note the main advantages of using banners and stretch marks:

  • wide audience coverage;
  • possibility of long-term placement;
  • low cost per contact;
  • the ability to determine the geographical coverage of advertising;
  • Ease of manufacture and affordable cost.

From the history of advertising

The most ancient example of advertising is an inscription carved on stone in the first millennium BC, found among the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Memphis, it read: “I, Reno, from the island of Crete, understand dreams by the will of the gods”.

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